General Surgeon Performs First Sleeve Gastrectomy at Mercy Hospital

News Release: August 1, 2014


General Surgeon Performs First Sleeve Gastrectomy at Mercy Hospital


Chicago IL:  Last month, general surgeon Rami E. Lutfi, M.D. of Mercy Hospital & Medical Center performed the hospital’s first sleeve gastrectomy, one of the newest weight loss surgeries available to patients. Similar to other forms of weight loss surgery, sleeve gastrectomy reduces the capacity of the stomach in order to help obese patients lose weight.


“We are excited to offer this alternative weight loss surgery to our patients; as a leader in the surgical field we continue to practice using the most advanced minimally invasive techniques to improve results and outcomes,” said Dr. Rami Lutfi, Chairman, Department of Surgery, and Medical Director of the Bariatric Program.


Sleeve gastrectomy is a new procedure that induces weight loss by restricting food intake. With this procedure, the surgeon removes approximately 80 percent of the stomach laparoscopically so that the stomach takes the shape of a tube or "sleeve;" about the size of a banana. This procedure limits the amount of food patients can eat and helps them feel full sooner. It allows for normal digestion and absorption. Food consumed passes through the digestive tract in the usual order, allowing it to be fully absorbed in the body.


“Many of my patients prefer the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy because it does not involve implanting a foreign body (band) or rerouting the intestine (like a bypass), but simply reduces the size of stomach which causes a much earlier sense of fullness," adds Lutfi. "One of the greatest advantages of this operation is the metabolic effect; whereby patients don't feel hungry the way they did before surgery. That is because the majority of the stomach that secretes the hunger hormones is now removed."The most important benefit of sleeve gastrectomy is that it allows patients who have been unable to control their weight through a combination of diet and exercise to achieve rapid, dramatic weight loss.


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About Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mercy
Today, thanks to advances in technology and specialized training, doctors at Mercy Hospital can perform a wide variety of surgeries using minimally invasive techniques. These surgeries are often less risky for patients and result in less pain and scarring. Most important, people can usually return to their regular routines in a matter of days. Mercy has long been a leader in minimally invasive techniques and continues to pioneer alternative, less-invasive surgical procedures.


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