Mercy Heart Screen


$30 & 30 Minutes Could Save Your Life!
Are you a man over the age of 40, a woman over the age of 45, or does your family have a history of heart disease? If so, now is the time to schedule an appointment for a Heart Screen at Mercy Hospital’s state-of-the-art Heart & Vascular Center. For just $30 and 30 minutes of your time, you will receive a customized report by Mercy’s expert cardiology team that will assess your risk factors and put you on the path to a longer and healthier life—a value for a lifetime.

Mercy’s Heart Screen includes:

•12-lead EKG
•Peripheral Vascular Disease Assessment
•Cholesterol Profile
•Blood Sugar Profile
•Blood Pressure Measurement
•Body Mass Index (BMI)
•Height and Weight Check
•Customized Report by Mercy’s Expert Cardiology Team

For your convenience, Mercy’s $30/30 Minute Heart Screen is available by appointment at three locations:

Mercy Hospital & Medical Center
2525 S. Michigan Avenue

Mercy Medical at Dearborn Station
47 W. Polk Street, Suite G1

Mercy Medical on Pulaski - North
5525 S. Pulaski Road

For more information and to schedule your Heart Screen, call 312.567.6088 or request an appointment on-line.