Inpatient Stays


What To Bring With You

Social security number

Insurance information and a Medicare or Medicaid card, if you have one.

You will need your insurance card or the following information:
    • Name of your insurance company
Your insurance company’s complete mailing and billing address
Your group policy number
Your group policy personal identification number
Referral forms or any additional paperwork required
      by your insurance company

Family Medical History
Bring any documents that will help you answer questions about you and your family’s medical history.

Form of Payment
You may be asked to pay for services not covered by your insurance. Please bring cash, check or major credit card. (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

Living Will
If you have a living will or durable power of attorney for health care, it is important that you bring a copy with you. A copy will be placed in your medical record.
What To Bring For An Overnight Stay

If your visit involves an overnight stay, the following items are recommended for added comfort and convenience:

We suggest that you bring personal items such as: your toothbrush, bathrobe, sleeping clothes, slippers or socks, contact solution and carrying case, reading glasses, brush or comb, and if applicable dentures and hearing aids.

Please bring any medications you usually take. Be sure to inform the nurse of your medications and any instructions your physician may have provided. Your name should appear on all medications you bring with you.

Personal Items
Books and magazines, writing materials, knitting, embroidery and other small handwork are great ways to pass the time during your stay.

Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes.

Please DO NOT bring jewelry, large sums of cash or other valuables.

Guest Hotel Accomodations
Mercy's close proximity to the South Loop and Loop provide convenient access to local hotels for family members during your stay. View hotels that offer discounted rates to families.