Mercy Hospital's JCAHO Certified Stroke Center Treats Patient with FDA Clinical Study
May 9, 2006
Mercy Hospital's JCAHO Certified Stroke Center
Treats Patient with FDA Clinical Study
Mercy Hospital & Medical Center recently treated a patient suffering from stroke with some of the most extreme of symptoms. Eulalio Mata, a sixty-nine year old man, was brought to Mercy Hospital fully paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak. Medical staff advised Mr. Mata’s family that there would most likely be considerable permanent speech and mobility damage. With the consent of his daughter Carolyn, Mr. Mata was treated with medication known as Ancrod, which is currently being used at Mercy Hospital under an FDA clinical trial. Within three hours of taking Ancrod, Eulalio Mata not only recovered full mobility of his right side, he also regained full speech capabilities.

Mercy Hospital is the only institution in Chicago conducting this FDA approved clinical trial involving Ancrod, a new, “clot-busting” medication which aides in the acute treatment of ischemic or clot-related stroke. This cutting edge medication uses a diluted amount of viper venom as a biological agent in order to thin the blood and break-up the clot. Current medication (tPA) allow a three-hour window from the initial onset of stroke symptoms to successfully treat the clot; however, Ancrod provides a 6-hour window, widening the time span for patients to recognize the symptoms of stroke and get to the Emergency Department, decreasing the risk of permanent physical and language damage.

As a Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) primary certified stroke center, Mercy Hospital utilizes a specific stroke treatment protocol that is followed by a specially trained multidisciplinary staff. From the Emergency Department to Rehabilitation, patients receive the most advanced treatment of their stroke.

Mercy Hospital & Medical Center is home to one of the city’s leading Heart & Vascular Centers, a JCAHO certified Stroke Center, a new Comprehensive Breast & Women’s Health Care Center, a NEW Center for Weight Management, and Chicago’s newest Emergency Center. Mercy’s ideal location, just minutes south of the loop, is easily accessible by all main arteries. And at Mercy, patients and visitors will find convenient, free parking.