October 26, 2009

Mercy Hospital Surgeon Performs Single Incision Surgery Leaving no Visible Scar

CHICAGO---Mercy Hospital & Medical Center surgeon, Dr. Rami E. Lutfi and his team performed LAP-BAND® weight-loss surgery through a small incision in the umbilicus, leaving no visible scar. The new technique is called Laparo-Endoscopic Single Site Surgery (LESS) and Dr. Lutfi is among the first in the nation to offer this advanced, minimally invasive option.

The LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System is a silicone band that is surgically placed around the upper part of the stomach to reduce the amount of food a patient can accommodate in the stomach. Patients gain the ability to control portion size and reach long-term weight loss goals.

The LAP-BAND® is traditionally placed laparoscopically using 4 small incisions in the upper abdomen, in addition to a 1-inch incision through which the LAP-BAND® port, used for adjustment, is placed. Dr. Lutfi was able to perform this operation using the LESS technique creating a half-inch incision, deep in the umbilicus, and leaving the patient with no visible scars. The single incision is essentially hidden in the umbilicus leaving no obvious scarring.

"Minimally invasive surgery is the new standard our patients have come to expect and deserve,” said Dr. Rami E. Lutfi, medical director of the Mercy LAP-BAND® Program. "With LESS, patients may experience less pain and discomfort as only one incision is used, in addition to the great cosmetic results as they have no visible scarring on their abdomen.”

Dr. Lutfi is one of only a few surgeons in Chicago and in the nation to widely implement the LESS technique, and has now expanded the application to include more complex procedures such as hiatal hernia repair and pancreatic surgery. In fact, Dr. Lutfi and his team recently performed a combination hiatal hernia repair and LAP-BAND® placement using this novel single incision technique.

More than 65% of US adults are overweight or obese. Obesity, defined as a BMI of greater than 30, increaseas a person’s risk for many diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer. Established in 2006, Mercy’s LAP-BAND program offers those suffering with obesity a surgical weight loss option that is minimally invasive.

With the highest volume of LAP-BAND® surgeries in Illionis Mercy’s surgeons are expeienced and knowledgeable. Mercy’s LAP-BAND® Program offers a unique approach where patients receive counseling in nutrition, behavior modification and exercise physiology both before and after the procedure. Studies have shown that this approach leads to longer, healthier weight loss.

Free monthly LAP-BAND® information sessions are offered, the next sessions occuring on November 16th at 5:30pm and December 21st at 5:30pm at Mercy Hospital in the Joyce Auditorium. To learn more, visit www.mercy-chicago.org/lapband or call 312.567.BAND(2263).

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