What Is Nurse Midwifery?

A nurse midwife is a registered nurse who has completed an advanced degree and specialized training in women’s health care and pregnancy. Nurse midwives care for women throughout the life cycle from adolescence through adulthood, providing primary and general wellness care as well as routine gynecological and pregnancy care. They perform wellness screenings, prescribe medications, order tests, and provide care for minor illness such as colds, ear infections, and rashes. Through the course of providing care, nurse midwives help identify minor as well as acute illness and diseases early and when required, will refer patients to an appropriate physician or specialist.


Comprehensive Personal Care
Mercy midwives provide comprehensive, personal care to women. We take the time to listen to your concerns and questions, share information and knowledge, and offer you the support and tools you need to live well throughout your life. At Mercy, our midwives provide compassionate, respectful care in an environment second to none; it’s the attention you deserve—all part of our mission to help you live well in the city.


Services provided by Mercy midwives include:
• Primary wellness care (such as annual examinations, colds and other minor illness, mammograms, etc.)
• Routine obstetrical & gynecological care including PAP smear
• Care for vaginal discharge, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections
• Pregnancy tests
• Preconception, prenatal, birth, & postpartum care (care before conception, during and after pregnancy)
• Labor & delivery – Mercy midwives are present with you throughout your labor and birth
• Breastfeeding education
• Health screening/education
• Menopause symptom management
• Birth control (including IUD insertion and removal)

Should the need for a physician’s care arise, a midwife can refer you to one of the many physicians at Mercy who specialize in women’s health. You may be referred to a physician for: 
• Surgery
• Care for more complex illness and disease management such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, or cancer
• Biopsy
• Colposcopy for abnormal pap smear
• Menopausal women with vaginal bleeding
• Circumcision for male children, if desired


Helping You With Your Special Delivery
Your Mercy midwife will provide for your complete care throughout your pregnancy including birth and postnatal follow-up care. While pregnant, you will have regular prenatal visits with your Mercy midwife. She will answer all of your questions about pregnancy including childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting.

When your special time arrives, you will be welcomed into our beautiful Birth Center where you will receive compassionate, personalized care in a private, spacious birthing suite. During labor, your Mercy midwife will stay with you to offer emotional and physical support throughout the birthing process. She will provide pain relief in the form of massage, acupressure, a birthing ball or beanbag, position changes, and water therapy. Pain medication and epidurals are also available.

Should the need for specialty care arise when your baby is born, you can rest easier knowing Mercy’s Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is onsite to provide expert care.


Getting the Care You Deserve
Whether you reside in Dearborn Park, the South Loop, Central Station, Pilsen, Lower West, Bridgeport, or the Near West Side, getting the personalized care you deserve has never been easier. For your convenience, our easily accessible locations include:

Mercy Medical on Pulaski
5525 S. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60629
For appointments call: 773.585.1955

Mercy Family Health Center at Lower West
1713 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
For appointments call: 312.746.4022

Mercy Medical at Dearborn Station
47 W. Polk Street, Suite G1
Chicago, IL 60605
For appointments call: 312.567.2273

Mercy Medical in Chatham
8541 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60619
For appointments call: 773.994.2300

Mercy Family Health Center at Henry Booth
2907 S. Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616
For appointments call: 312.949.2177

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To learn more about nurse midwifery, call Customer Service and Physician Referral at 312.567.2600.