Occupational Health

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Occupational Health

Each year, there are more than 4 million cases of occupational injury and illness in the private sector. More than 1 million of these result in lost workdays. The economic impact of these absences is significant for employers and workers alike, with some estimates putting the total cost at more than $150 billion.

Occupational HealthTo help businesses reduce health costs and lost days, and keep workers safe and healthy, MercyWorks offers a full range of occupational health services. Affiliated with Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, MercyWorks is a network of occupational health clinics located across the Chicago area. Each MercyWorks clinic is fully staffed with an interdisciplinary treatment team, including occupational and physical therapists, and led by physicians experienced in the care of patients with occupational health concerns.

Working together with area employers, MercyWorks is helping to build a stronger, healthier community.

Occupational Health Services
MercyWorks offers services designed to treat and prevent occupational injury and illness. Available pre- and post-employment services include:
• physicals
drug/alcohol screenings
executive physicals
injury care and injury-prevention programs
physical therapy
occupational health nursing services
radiology services
post-injury work hardening
pulmonary function testing
hand rehabilitation
vworker-rehabilitation programs

MercyWorks also provides access to substance abuse and vocational psychology services.

Corporate Wellness
Because a healthy workplace starts with healthy employees, MercyWorks offers the Living Well Corporate Wellness program. Offered in partnership with Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, the Living Well program provides health education and wellness programming. The Living Well program is designed to help people make healthy choices and adopt healthy habits, and can help reduce absenteeism and the demand for health services. The Living Well Corporate Wellness program is available to all area employers.


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