Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) sponsors two PGY1 resident positions at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center (MHMC). Located in downtown Chicago, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center is a community teaching hospital. The CPS/MHMC residency is a structured, post-graduate experiential training program that strives to develop proficient and professionally committed practitioners. The residency will be customized to the residents’ interests and allows for significant flexibility. Required learning experiences include internal medicine, cardiology, critical care, infectious diseases, ambulatory care, drug information and administration. Electives include emergency medicine and advanced rotations. 


Residents will gain experience providing a wide range of pharmacotherapy, educational, and medication management services to patients, providers, and staff. In this program, the resident will actively participate in efforts to improve the scope and quality of pharmacy services, and will evaluate the relevant outcomes of such initiatives. As a clinician, the resident will demonstrate proficiency and responsibility in caring for patients with a wide variety of disease states in different healthcare settings. Residents will improve their abilities in clinical and operational pharmacy services and develop leadership skills that can be applied in any practice setting. Throughout all experiences, the resident will acquire the skills necessary for lifelong learning and self-assessment.


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