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47 W. Polk St., Suite G1

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Open: Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Mercy Medical at Ashland

3316 S. Ashland Ave
Open: Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm

Mercy Medical at Pulaski

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Open: Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to closing to accomodate registration and check-in.

$45 Walk-in School and Sports Physicals


It's time to start thinking about back to school, and now is a good time to schedule your child’s school and sports physical. That’s because fall—and long waits at the doctor’s office—will be here before you know it.

Take care of school, sports, and camp physicals and any immunizations your child might need at one of Mercy’s three Immediate Care facilities. For just $45, your child can have a school/sports/camp physical. Required immunizations are also available, but may cost extra.

Walk-ins are always welcome, so you don’t need an appointment! You can even check wait times online. 

Conveniently located, with free parking and expert care, Mercy Hospital Immediate Care facilities let you keep your on-the-go summer schedule and cross your child’s physical off your to-do list at the same time.


School physicals require completed immunization cards. Special pricing valid only at MercyWorks Immediate Care locations for sports, school, or camp physicals for children 18 years of age and younger. All sports, school, or camp physicals are priced at $45. Additional charges may apply for any required immunizations or testing



For a limited time, download this coupon, bring it with you to your visit, and receive $10 off your child’s sports, camp or school physical. 


MercyWorks at Dearborn Station
47 W. Polk Street, Suite G1
Chicago, IL 60605
Monday-Friday; 8am - 5pm

MercyWorks on Ashland
3316 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
Monday-Friday; 7am-6pm

MercyWorks on Pulaski
5525 S. Pulaski Road, Suite 2-200
Chicago, IL 60629
Monday-Friday; 8am-4pm





In general, physicals are an important tool for health and helping identify illness, disease, and other concerns before they become serious. As they relate to school and sports, physicals help identify risk factors, problems or concerns that may interfere with the child's ability to participate in school or sports.  Requirements for school and sports physicals can vary by county and sport. Check with your sports program and school administrators regarding the necessary forms and specific requirements for your child.
Physicals are comprised of a medical history and a physical examination. You will complete a medical history form which will ask a series of questions including current medications, allergies, past injuries, past hospitalizations, family history, and the child's overall health. During the physical examination, the physician and/or nurse will usually record the child's height and weight, blood pressure, and check the child's ears, nose, throat, heart and lungs. Posture, joints, strength, flexibility and other tests may be done depending on the age and type of physical the child is receiving.
Immunizations are required at certain ages throughout life, but are not required every year, or at every physical. Please note: updated immunization cards must be brought to the appointment; additional fees apply to required immunizations.
Your Mercy Immediate Care Physician may have to administer immunizations and run additional tests based on the requirements of the physical, results of the physical exam, and the patient's family history. As a convenience, Mercy will bill your insurance company for these extra tests and immunizations.  You are responsible for any additional co-insurance, copyas or unmet deductibles.
Depending on the concern that is discovered, your Mercy Immediate Care Physician will work with you to address and resolve any concerns. In some instances, this may include a referral to another healthcare provider for follow-up. If follow-up is required, you will have access to a network of physicians and specialists, many recognized for excellence in their field. Either way, rest assured we will work with you to help meet the necessary requirements to begin school or play sports.
Be sure to bring an updated immunization card with you to your visit, as well as valid ID such as an Illinois Driver's License or State ID card. If you would like us to bill your insurance for additional charges beyond the $45 physical, please be sure to bring your current insurance card and information.