News Release: June 25, 2013





CHICAGO, IL: Mercy Hospital & Medical Center is pleased to be a recipient of a $215,000 grant award from the Avon Foundation. Mercy Hospital is one of eight local recipients that were announced at the June 2nd closing ceremonies of the Eleventh Annual Chicago Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Each year, the Avon Foundation awards initial grants at the close of each of the annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to local institutions that impact and support access to breast cancer screening, treatment and research.



Mercy Hospital will use the money to support its Breast Cancer Navigation program, including the ability to hire a new social worker and genetic counselor for our Breast & Women’s Healthcare Center to ensure that all our patients are able to access the care they need throughout their treatment.



“Mercy is honored to be the recipient of the generosity of the Avon Foundation for the past several years. It is through the support of the Avon Foundation that Mercy is able to offer high quality – state of the art digital screening and detection. In addition Mercy’s renowned navigation program assists women in their journey through breast cancer ensuring that they have access to all of the care and services they require,” said Connie Murphy, Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing for Mercy Hospital & Mercy Foundation Inc. 



Marc Hurlbert, executive director of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, announced during the Closing Ceremony a total of $2.37 million in grants to eight local organizations, ensuring the funds raised immediately benefit the community. “One thing that sets the Avon Walk apart is that participants get to see their hard work pay off right away,” said Hurlbert. “These grants represent only a portion of the funding the Avon Foundation will distribute in the Midwest and across the country this year, but we want to make sure that the impact of this Walk begins today.”



The Avon Foundation awarded Mercy Hospital these generous grants due to Mercy's continued commitment to women's health and dedication to promote awareness, education, and screenings, to furthering the fight against breast cancer.



About the Mercy Comprehensive Breast &Women's Health Care Center

Mercy's Comprehensive Breast & Women's Health Care Center offers women a special place to receive compassionate physical, emotional, and spiritual health care. The center's seasoned team of experts offers a comprehensive approach to women’s health and specializes in detecting breast cancer in the earliest stages, when it is most treatable. Mercy extends this unique approach to women's health with its "Whole Woman, Whole Health" program. This innovative program offers free massage, acupuncture and yoga services to patients who have completed their breast cancer treatment. At Mercy, breast cancer patients find relief from the many common side effects of cancer treatments including fatigue, body pain, scar tissue discomfort, hot flashes, weight-gain, depression, and anxiety