It would not be possible for Mercy Hospital to fulfill our Mission without the support of our communities. Gifts of time, talent and money from individuals, businesses and grants through other foundations make it possible for us to improve the health of those we serve. 

Over the years, this commitment has led to:

•    Development of new programs
•    More accessible healthcare services for the uninsured and underinsured
•    Acquisition of advanced medical technology

The Mercy Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Mercy Hospital, committed to improving and enhancing the delivery of high quality healthcare to Chicago through successful cultivation of philanthropic support, volunteer leadership and stewardship of charitable gifts. Explore the links to the left to learn how you can contribute to the Mission of Mercy and our efforts.  

Charitable giving is a personal choice. Some people give to express appreciation for a good experience. Others wish to honor someone or make a monetary gift in memory of someone who has profoundly impacted their lives. Still others wish to make an investment in a long-standing institution or in today’s students and what they will someday accomplish in medicine. Whatever your reason for giving, we hope you will reflect on your relationship with Mercy Hospital & Medical Center and make us a philanthropic priority. Your gifts will bring lasting value and will make a tangible difference to the future of Mercy.

Visit the Mercy Foundation website to learn more or make a charitable donation.

Mercy Foundation, Inc.
2525 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 240F
Chicago, IL 60616

Phone: 312.567.2114